Conservative blogger and radio talk show host, Erick Erickson said he is out of the hospital and trying to get back into the groove of things after a severe and continuing battle with blood clots in the lung.

Erickson, 40, first described his medical situation on his blog in The Resurgent over the weekend:

“About two months ago I started noticing at the gym that I was getting more winded than usual”, he writes and went to the doctor who said it may be bronchitis. “But the first week of April I started going down hill again more rapidly than before.”

A later trip to the cardiologist revealed the following after a CT scan: “Over the course of the past few weeks my lungs have been filling with blood clots. The technical term in the medical report is that my lungs are “showered” with clots.”

“It is rather sobering to have doctors tell you that you should be dead”, he notes.

LISTEN: Professor of Medicine at Hofstra-NorthShore/LIJ School of Medicine, Dr Jack Ansell discusses blood clots

On Wednesday, he was released from the hospital and blogged about his treatment, “The doctors in the CVICU injected me with the medicine they use for stroke victims, a recombinant tissue plasminogen activator. It is a miracle drug that, if injected soon enough begins to restore blood flow pretty quickly. After several hours they started me on heparin. My arms are covered in bruises like I was playing Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen. From here on out I’ll be on a blood thinner medication for six months minimum and then whenever I fly. I can’t drive for the next few weeks and can’t fly for the next two months.

“The medicines in the hospital restored about 40% of my lungs and I have a long way to go. I’m able to get up stairs now without huffing and puffing. Washing my hair is no longer a strenuous exercise. I am not gasping for breath merely typing.”

Even “knocking on heavens door” can’t keep the conservative blogger from what he believes as noted in a Twitter response to a critic yesterday: