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Costa Rican officials announced the seizure of  of 7,450 liters of liquor adulterated with methanol related to Guaro Fiesta Blanca.

Image by Koen One Stop Map from Pixabay

According to the latest data from the Health Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Health, there are 63 suspected cases of methanol poisoning, 27 of which have died.

The deaths, all of which occurred in October, concern 24 men and three women with an age range of 23 to 75 years, of which 17 are from San José, two from Alajuela, five from Cartago and three are under investigation.

The Ministry of Health continues to carry out inter-institutional operations throughout the national territory in order to reduce the exposure of consumers to adulterated products. To date, a total of 117 establishments have been inspected, where 15,610 products have been seized and 10,189 containers have been retained.

Given the danger to life that the consumption of this product represents, the Ministry of Health requests not to commercialize or consume said beverages and to alert through 9-1-1 any indication of an establishment, person or company that they suspect is commercializing adulterated alcoholic products and to go urgently to a health service in case of having ingested an alcoholic beverage and presenting intense vomiting, agitation, disorientation, blindness, seizures or visual or state of consciousness alterations is necessary.

The public is reminded that the health alert issued for the sale of products adulterated with methanol is still in force with labels alluding to “Guaro Chonete”, “Guaro Cuerazo”, “Guaro Sacheto”, “Guaro Gran Apache”, “Red Star Aguardiente” , “Guaro Montano”, “Barón Rojo Aguardiente”, “Timbuka Aguardiente”, “Molotov Aguardiente” and “Guaro Fiesta Blanca”. If a merchant has any of these drinks in his establishment, he can take it to the nearest headquarters of the Ministry of Health.