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The Costa Rica Ministry of Health intensifies measures against traders of adulterated alcohol in light of the rising number of methanol poisoning cases reported recently.

Image/Debora Cartagena

On Wednesday, The Ministry of Health, together with the Fiscal Control Police, carried out the search for the distributor Pinares de Heredia, located in San Isidro de Coronado, in order to obtain information on the methanol adulterated product “Red Star Brandy.”

In addition, the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas issued a resolution that totally prohibits the commercialization of “Guaro Montano”, “Aguardiente Timbuka”, “ Aguardiente Molotov ”,“ Aguardiente Barón Rojo ”,“ Guaro Gran Apache ”and“ Aguardiente Estrella Roja ”, instructing the governing areas to cancel the sanitary permit for operation to establishments where they are discovered to continue marketing.

In the event that the owners or administrators of real estate where alcoholic beverages are stored, handled or marketed deny entry to the place or access to the requested information, the suspension of the Sanitary Operating Permit and the suspension will proceed immediately. corresponding closure. The closures will remain valid until the interested party solves the requirements.

So far there are 45 people suspected of poisoning with methanol, of which 20 have died ((15 men and five women, all over 30 years). In addition, more than 38,000 containers have been seized.

Methanol ingestion is an uncommon form of poisoning that can cause severe metabolic disturbances, blindness, permanent neurologic dysfunction and death.