The Costa Rica Ministry of Health is reporting (computer translated) a suspected reintroduction of measles into the country after an unvaccinated 5-year-old French boy on holidays with his parents had been put under quarantine at a hospital in Puntarenas.

Costa Rica /CIA
Costa Rica /CIA

Costa Rica has been measles free since 2014.

The Ministry of Health has taken all the necessary measures for the attention of the case:

  • In coordination with the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, child care is provided at the Monseñor Sanabria Hospital in Puntarenas, where it is kept in strict isolation measures.
  • Samples were taken and sent to INCIENSA for analysis.
  • The search for contacts that the child may have had in Costa Rica to assess susceptibility and need for vaccination is being carried out.
  • Authorities in their country of origin have been contacted so that they can follow up possible contacts that has had the least and immunize them if necessary.

Costa Rica enjoys very good vaccination coverage in general, however, it is always important, in order to avoid particular cases and their possible complications, that those in charge of minors ensure that children have the complete vaccination scheme.


At this time the CCSS is in the vaccination campaign so it is reiterated to fathers and mothers the need to protect children with that extra dose (it must be remembered that the basic scheme is two doses for the case of measles, to the year and three months and to the entrance to the school).

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The Ministry of Health requests that if you know of someone who has symptoms of measles (fever, nasal congestion, cough, conjunctivitis, skin rash that starts in the head and expands through the body to the feet, reaching the hips around the second day) It is vital that they notify the health authorities as soon as possible.

The above symptoms are of particular importance for people who have been in the last twenty days in countries with measles transmission or in contact with an eventual imported case.

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Measles is transmitted by droplets of saliva mainly through coughing and sneezing to those individuals who have not received immunization.

While the last reported imported case was in 2014, Costa Rica has not had a autochthonous case of measles since 2006.