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The Costa Rica Health Surveillance Directorate is reporting a significant decline in diarrhea cases, which they say is due to the health measures implemented to prevent COVID-19.

Image by Koen One Stop Map from Pixabay

As of the week ending April 24, the country has a total of 45,676 cases of diarrhea, while at the same date last year there were 69,635 cases, which means a decrease of 34%, for a total of 23,959 cases less this year.

The province with the highest incidence of diarrhea is San José with 16,134, followed by Alajuela 8,236 cases and Heredia with 5,624 cases. However, there is currently no outbreak of diarrhea in the country.

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Health authorities remind the population of the importance of maintaining hygiene measures and preventive actions that help prevent the occurrence of cases of diarrhea, such as washing hands and foods such as fruits and vegetables, before consuming them.