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The Costa Rica Ministry of Health confirms the simultaneous autochthonous circulation of the four dengue serotypes in the country, with Sarapiquí being the canton with the presence of the four dengue serotypes, registering 16 cases of type 1 dengue, one case of type 2 dengue, four cases of type 3 dengue and five cases of type 4 dengue.


This is the first time this has happened in Costa Rica.

Through March 25, Costa Rica reports a total of 974 dengue cases with Caribbean region reporting the most with 337.

Health inspectors, duly identified, carry out house-to-house visits, destroy hatcheries, apply larvicides, and fumigate with manual and heavy equipment in priority locations.

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From the Ministry of Health, education actions for users on signs and symptoms of dengue are strengthened, how to prevent it, and calls on the population so that in case of presenting symptoms such as fever, general malaise, muscle pain and/or joint go to a health service and do not self-medicate, the warning signs of a case of dengue may include abdominal pain and vomiting.

Remember that to avoid transmission of the Aedes aegypti mosquito you must:

  • Constantly clean and empty the containers in which water is stored.
  • Check and clean canoes and all black plastic in the patios of the houses
  • Put disused tires indoors or take them to collection sites.