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On a monthly basis, the Swedish Public Health Agency asks residents about their attitude to vaccination against covid-19. The questions are about attitudes towards vaccination against covid-19 but also, among other things, about practical conditions regarding vaccination.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This month’s survey shows that 69 percent will definitely say yes to vaccination and another 22 percent will probably do so. Among those who probably intend to say yes, have many questions or concerns. Five percent state that they would say no, while 4 percent did not decide. Protecting others is a strong driving force in all groups, while the motive to vaccinate oneself to protect oneself is higher among the elderly.

That there are questions and thoughts in a proportion of those who responded is expected and something you see in other vaccinations. The survey is an important basis in the work of reaching out to everyone with the offer of vaccination, says Anders Tegnell, state epidemiologist.

The study was carried out during the period 11 to 22 March before the announcement that Astra Zeneca’s vaccine should only be given to people aged 65 and over. Any effects of the changed information on who should be offered that particular vaccine are judged to be reflected in next month’s survey. The sample is representative of the population, the survey was sent to close to 3,500 participants and had a response rate of 89 percent.

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