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The first batch of vaccines against COVID-19 arrived this Saturday in Portugal and people started getting vaccinated yesterday, according to the Portugal Ministry of Health.

The vaccine is administered in two doses, with an interval of 21 days, in the arm muscle. For the vaccination schedule to be complete, the second dose must be the vaccine of the same brand.

“A window of hope now opens with a vaccine that is expected to help us fight the disease next year, without forgetting that, at this moment, there is still a very difficult fight to do,” said the Minister minister.

Portugal has reported nearly 400,000 total COVID-19 cases, including 6677 deaths.

Portugal Legionnaires’ disease update: Additional cases/death recorded

In addition, the regional civil protection authority in Madeira Island have reported the new variant of the coronavirus linked to a rapid rise in infections in Britain.

The virus was detected in travelers who arrived in Madeira from the United Kingdom” but it did not specify how many people were infected with it.