According to a recent study in the journal MIS Quarterly, Craigslist’s entry into a market results in a 15.9 percent increase in reported HIV cases. The author of the study, Jason Chan, PhD, Assistant Professor of Information & Decision Sciences at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota joined me on the show Sunday to discuss the research in more detail.

outbreak“What I did find on the website was within the personal ad section, people are not just looking for normal friendship, they’re looking more for things link casual hook-ups, one-night stands and if you were to click on one of these ads you’d see very explicit description of the sexual encounter they are looking for”, Dr Chan notes.

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Of course, vaccines are the hot topic of the day and my second guest looked at the H1N1, or swine flu vaccine from the 2009-2010 pandemic and Americans’ views on a then-new vaccine. Ohio State University Sociology professor, Dr Kent Schwirian, the coauthor of a paper published  in the journal Health Promotion International joined me to talk about it.

“Was there a a link of political affiliation with the lack of confidence?,” I asked. Schwirian said, “In general what we found was the groups most willing to get the vaccination were Democrats as opposed to Republicans and Independents.”

Dr Schwirian noted the difference between Democrats and Republicans and Independents concerning trusting the government on this was “striking”, 64% vs 43%.

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