The outbreaks of the parasitic infection, Cyclospora, in the United States and Canada continue to increase in cases while investigations continue to come up empty concerning a source or a vehicle for the parasite.


In the United States, the case tally, both imported and local, nears 1,000 with the official count now 988 as of last Wednesday. The reports have come from 40 states with Texas, Florida and North Carolina reporting the most cases to date.

The number of cases is surely higher as Texas has not done an update in several weeks.

At least 553 (56%) of these persons did not report international travel (i.e., likely were infected in the United States) and became ill on or after May 1, 2017.

LISTEN: Parasites 101: Cyclospora

In Canada, health officials reported 27 additional cases bringing the total to 157 from four provinces–British Columbia (17), Ontario (136), Quebec (3), and Nova Scotia (1). Individuals became sick between May and August of this year.

In both the US and Canada, federal or national health authorities say the source of the outbreak has not been identified. Previous outbreaks in Canada and the United States (US) have been linked to imported fresh produce. The investigation is ongoing.

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