The second Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas health care worker who contracted Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) may be transferring to a facility more equipped to deal with patients with viral hemorrhagic fever viruses like Ebola.


According to the hospital, actively consulting with Emory University Hospital in Atlanta and other health officials about the possibility of transferring the yet unnamed hospital employee to Emory for treatment.

To date, the biocontainment unit at Emory University Hospital has treated Samaritan’s Purse physician, Dr. Kent Brantly, SIM worker, Mrs Nancy Writebol and an unnamed patient.

The 1st Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital employee, nurse Nina Pham, is reportedly in good condition.

The CDC, in cooperation with Frontier Airlines, are working to contact the 132 passengers on board a Frontier Airlines flight 1143, Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth on October 13. The 2nd Ebola patient was a passenger on the flight; however, was not exhibiting symptoms at that point.