Denmark manufacturer, Tulip Food Company, which sells its meat products in both Denmark and Sweden, announced a recall of its Danish deli meat products after finding traces of listeria in portions of meat sold in Sweden, according to a news release Thursday (computer translated).

Image/Renee Comet, National Cancer Institute
Image/Renee Comet, National Cancer Institute

There was no listeria in the recalled products in Denmark, but an analysis of a small batch of 81 kg ham sold in Sweden produced on the same production line, has shown traces of listeria.

The evidence of listeria was detected in a routine sample by Tulip’s own quality department, which prompted the recall of all products produced on that line from 7 August until today. It is in the interest of consumer safety, says quality director at Tulip Food Company, Michael Larsen.

The recalled products are Shächter Luftikus, Shächter Bauernskinka, Tulip Kokt Skinka, and Tulip Rökt Skinka, all in 500 gramme packages produced between August 7th and August 20th.

Listeria can grow in a product, and therefore a very small amount of listeria during the shelf-life is increased to an amount that could pose a risk. Our calculations show that the risk arises only at the end of shelf life, and therefore we will ensure that all products are destroyed before they can pose a risk to consumers, Larsen notes.

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