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To date, a total of 534 cases of the Delta variant of COVID-19 have been identified in Peru, the Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, reported this morning from the Loreto region where he arrived to supervise the vaccination day against the COVID-19.

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The information was provided minutes before leaving for the Indiana district where vaccination supervision is scheduled for members of the Palmera II – Yagua community, as well as verification of the status and needs of the Indiana and Mazán health facilities.

“What we now see is an increase in cases of the Delta variant. Less than three weeks ago we had 40 cases, and now we have 534 cases of the Delta variant and it has become the predominant variant in Peru with more than 54% of cases of variants detected in the country, ”Cevallos indicated.

Given this, the head of the Health sector launched an early warning and indicated that “we cannot rule out that in two or three weeks we may already have a clear entry into a third wave.”

“We are at a stage where it allows us to advance as quickly as we can in vaccination and take precautions against this third wave,” said the minister.

In this sense, the Ministry of Health continues to work under its new strategy Let’s go to your meeting, Get vaccinated now!, Which consists of bringing the vaccination process closer to citizens, through the active search for people with a pending first or second dose to close the gap for the uninoculated.

“We are going to continue lowering the age range according to the arrival of vaccines to the country. We need to close gaps, we cannot continue to lower the age if we are still older than 23 years where the vaccination percentages are not what we would like. Our goal is that before the end of the year we have the entire target population vaccinated, ”said the minister.

According to the National Repository of Health Information (Reunis) of the Minsa, until 6:00 p.m. on September 22, a total of 24,443,032 doses have been applied in Peru, of which 9,647,785 correspond to second dose, which represents 34% of the target population to be vaccinated.