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In the capital and principal city of the Haut-Katanga Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Lubumbashi mayor, Ghislain Robert Lubaba Buluma signed a decree Saturday making wearing a mask compulsory and a potential the offender will spend 7 days in prison and be charged a fine of 15,000 Congolese Francs (7.5 USD).

Image by Ichigo121212 from Pixabay

“Given the need and the urgency, stop: the correct wearing of a mask is made compulsory in public or private environments involving the presence of the public throughout the city of Lubumbashi; access to downtown Lubumbashi is now conditioned by wearing a mask: Check-points will be put in place to enforce this measure from Monday, August 9, 2021; the offender will be imposed 7 days of imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 FC ”, according to the decision.

In addition, according to the urban authority, nightclubs, bars, festive and cultural ceremonies remain closed. Lubaba Buluma calls on pastors to strengthen barrier measures in their churches and instructed the Congolese police and army to disperse the crowds of more than 20 people.

Provincial Minister of Health, Doctor Joseph Nsambi Bulanda had affirmed “that today, almost 50% of patients in hospitals in Lubumbashi are of Covid-19 patients ”.

The latest epidemiological bulletin from the multisectoral response committee places the province of Haut-Katanga in 3rd position in the DRC with 3,478 cases and around 50 deaths.