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The Florida Department of Health reported three additional locally-acquired dengue fever cases in Miami-Dade County in the week ending September 24.


This brings the county’s total to 21 this year and the state’s total to 22.  (One case was reported in Collier County).

Nineteen of the cases have been serotyped by PCR and were all DENV-3.

In addition, Four hundred and sixty-four cases with onset in 2022 have been reported in individuals with travel history to a dengue endemic area in the two weeks prior to onset. Counties reporting cases were: Brevard (2), Broward (30), Collier (2), Duval (7), Escambia (2), Hendry, Hernando (2), Hillsborough (43), Lee (20), Leon, Manatee (2), Martin (2), Miami-Dade (300), Monroe (3), Orange (6), Osceola, Palm Beach (14), Pasco, Pinellas (7), Polk (8), Sarasota (4), St. Johns, and St. Lucie (5). Five cases were reported in non-Florida residents.

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Four cases met the criteria for severe dengue (dengue shock syndrome [DSS] or dengue hemorrhagic fever [DHF]). Those at greater risk for DSS and DHF include persons with previous dengue infection, pregnant women, infants, the elderly, and those with co-morbidities. However, severe illness can also occur in those without any of these risk factors.