Celltick announces its partnership with the National Dengue Control Unit of the Government of Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health, to spread awareness about the dengue epidemic to an estimated five million mobile users in Sri Lanka. This campaign is aimed to raise awareness and provide information to the public on prevention methods. With the help of Celltick’s LiveScreen™ platform, Celltick will send tips from the ministry of health on dengue prevention, symptoms, first aid medication, and precautions.


Dengue illness is a mosquito-borne disease with no specific treatment but helpful treatment methods.  As at 10th Nov 2015, 22439 suspected dengue cases have been reported to Sri Lanka’s Epidemiology Unit. The National Dengue Control Unit continues to inform the public that paracetamol is the only medicine that should be taken to bring down the fever. It’s also recommended to keep hydrated, follow a nutritious light diet and to sponge with lukewarm water to bring down the fever.. The most effective method of dengue control is the elimination of the mosquito breeding places that collects stagnated semi clean water.  It is emphasized that the public should clean up their premises and surroundings on a regular basis.

Celltick managed mobile services based on its patented LiveScreen platform reaches over 5 million users in Sri Lanka. Celltick will send information to citizens as part of its corporate social responsibility program aiding citizens with useful information. The information will also be targeted based on the location of the user and the areas where cases of dengue fever are being reported. The service is aimed to give users access to short and simple points that could help save lives.

“We are grateful that Celltick is committed to helping the citizens of Sri Lanka and in spreading awareness on dengue fever and to educate them in preventing further outbreaks. An informed citizen is the best way for us to fight this disease and we are happy that we have a platform available to us to reach out to millions of mobile users,” said Dr..A. R. M. Thowfeek Director, National Dengue Control Unit.

“Partnering with the National Dengue Control Unit to send Sri Lankans this dengue awareness campaign is very important to us and we are happy to work and help the citizens of Sri Lanka,” said Abraham Punnoose, Managing Director Celltick India. “We are always keen to use the power of the wide reach of our next generation mobile platform for the greater good of Sri Lankans and people around the world.”