The number of locally-acquired dengue fever cases in Monroe County, Florida has increased to 43, according to the Department of Health. To better understand the extent of the Dengue fever outbreak in Monroe County, the Florida Department of Health has been working with the community to identify individuals who recovered from the mosquito-borne illness earlier in the year.

Aedes mosquito
Aedes aegypti image/CDC

Sixteen cases of locally acquired dengue fever were reported in Monroe County (Key Largo area) during the week ending August 8. These were identified through retrospective case finding efforts to better characterize activity early in the outbreak (reported illness between April and early July).

When these cases were identified previously as persons of interest, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District was notified, and appropriate mosquito control measures were conducted immediately.

Aedes aegypti mosquito

The emergence of these Dengue cases reinforces the importance for the public to prevent insect bites and to take basic precautions to help limit exposure. These measures include intact windows and screens and the use of air conditioning, keeping the area around your residence free from containers that collect water, wearing protective clothing and the appropriate use of insect repellents. The Department reminds all residents to drain all standing water at least once per week.