By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

Health officials in Reunion Island say despite the arrival of the southern winter, the dengue epidemic continues at a high level and above the epidemic peak of previous years.

Image by chiplanay from Pixabay

The whole island is affected by the epidemic wave. The West sector remains the most affected but the virus is also circulating in the North and throughout the territory.

All the municipalities report cases:

  • The western sector remains the most affected (66% of cases). The municipality of Saint-Paul is the most affected, followed by La Possession and Le Port.
  • The proportion of cases residing in the North (10 to 13%) is increasing, mainly in Saint-Denis, Sainte-Marie and Sainte-Suzanne.
  • In the south, the number of cases remains high in Saint-Joseph and Saint-Pierre.
  • All the municipalities in the East report a low number of cases and the situation is stabilizing in Saint-André.

To date, 20,800 confirmed cases, including 12 deaths have been reported.