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The Malaysia Ministry of Health has reported 43,619 dengue fever cases through May 21, an increase of 170 percent compared to the same period in 2022 (16,144).


In addition, a total of 28 deaths due to dengue fever complications have been reported compared to nine (9) deaths for the same period in 2022.

Health officials also reported 131 chikungunya cases to date.

Various control activities have been carried out by the Ministry of Health to reduce the incidence of dengue and other arbovirus cases.

Among the control activities done is the destruction of Aedes mosquito breeding places, larvaciding, spraying, health education and enforcement.


Health officials say all levels of society need to take responsibility and work together to keep the environment clean and ensure there is no place breeding of Aedes mosquitoes in the environment in an effort to reduce the incidence of cases dengue fever. Do self-help as well as Search and Destroy activities
Aedes mosquito breeding ground at least 10 minutes a week in order there is no breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes in our environment. Add ingredients killer of larvae in water reservoirs/storage areas. Using repellent material on exposed body parts and wearing clothes that cover body parts while doing activities outside the home.

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