Since the beginning of 2018, 3,756 cases of dengue fever have been confirmed by the city and hospital laboratories of Reunion. The number of cases reported this week slightly decreases (297) but confirms the continuation of the epidemic in the west [Saint-Paul (56% of cases), Le Port (9%), Saint-Leu (6%) and Possession communes (6%)] and the south [mostly in Saint-Pierre (11%)].


Since the beginning of the year, 79 dengue cases have been hospitalized (including 10 people for severe dengue fever).

The Reunion government says despite entry into the southern winter, the number of weekly reports remains high and current weather conditions remain favorable for dengue mosquitoes. The objective will be to maintain in the coming weeks the mobilization of all to hope to stop the circulation of the virus during the austral winter. Indeed, a persistence of the virus during the winter would pose the risk of a larger epidemic recovery in the coming austral summer.

This situation justifies the continuation in the coming weeks of a very strong mobilization of the anti-vector control teams (LAV) composed of the teams of the ARS OI and the firemen, for the continuation of a strategy of offensive fight based on a systematic intervention around all isolated cases and emerging foci of dengue.

In order to avoid a large-scale epidemic in Reunion, Reunion Prefecture and the RHA OI reinforce the prevention messages on dengue and remind that the actions of each make the difference to fight against this disease which can be serious, everyone must act to fight mosquitoes:

  • Protect yourself from bites
  • Eliminate places where larvae grow and empty anything that may contain water

If you have a high fever, joint pains, headaches, tiredness: Seek immediate medical attention.