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In an extraordinary session Monday, the Chamber of Deputies (computer translated) sanctioned the bill “That declares a state of sanitary emergency throughout the territory of the Republic of Paraguay in the face of the dengue epidemic”; this, for a period of 90 days. The regulations are referred to the Executive Branch.

Aedes aegypti/CDC

The proposal, coming from the Senate, provides that the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, Hospital de Clínicas and the other public institutions affected by this health emergency be authorized to adopt administrative measures that they deem appropriate, and may carry out procurement on goods and services under the exceptions regime provided for in the Public Procurement Law.

It is also contemplated that this initiative will be a tool to consider all the technical support that is required, to deal with the dengue epidemic.

Giardia in Black and White

In that sense, several congressmen advocated the approval of this bill. The deputy Hugo Ramírez (ANR – Capital), insisted before the plenary, on the need to have more tools to alleviate the dengue epidemic. He also urged citizens to eliminate possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

In turn, lawmakers Kattya González (PEN – Central), Celso Kennedy (PLRA – Caaguazú), and Sebastián Villarejo (PPQ – Capital), among other parliamentarians, argued their positions in favor of these regulations. They agreed that work must be established in conjunction with local and departmental governments, so that in this way, an endemic evil can be eradicated, which cyclically affects our country.

“We agree with the approval of these regulations. There are no efficient responses regarding the efficiency of epidemic control, there are only patchy responses, ”said deputy Kennedy.

In turn, Deputy Celeste Amarilla (PLRA – Capital), insisted on prevention, while deputies Basilio Núñez (ANR – Pdte. Hayes), and Arnaldo Samaniego (ANR – Capital), expressed their rejection of the aforementioned draft law. Deputy Núñez said that the main epidemic center only affects the Central department and Capital area, so it would be necessary to declare a national emergency. He even mentioned that with this type of statements, it could be driving away potential tourists or businessmen looking to make investments in the country.

“Here in Capital and Central there is an emergency situation. We have 7,000 beds, nationwide, of which 475 are occupied; and of the 21,000 febrile cases, not all are due to dengue. Here we must attack the dengue virus, ”explained deputy Núñez.