In a follow-up on the dengue fever epidemic on the island of Reunion, ARS Indian Ocean reports (computer translated) the number of cases is steadily increasing with the most active areas located in the South. However, there are outbreaks in the north and east of the island.

Image/Robert Herriman

Officials report an additional 1200 cases during the most recent week. This brings the outbreak total to more than 7200 cases since the beginning of the year.

Seven deaths have been reported with three directly related to dengue fever this year.

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The greatest dengue activity is reported from  Saint-Louis / The River, the Salted Pond, the Avirons, Saint-Pierre / Ravine des Cabris and Saint-Joseph in the South and Piton Saint-Leu in the West.

Emerging areas in the North include Sainte-Clotilde, Sainte-Suzanne, Sainte-Marie, Saint-Denis and the Mountain.

Public Health France reports (computer translated) the main circulating serotype is DENV-2. IN addition, at least 14 locally transmitted DENV-1 cases have been reported in Petite Ile.

Since the outbreak began in 2018, 14,142 confirmed indigenous cases, including more than 400 hospitalizations have been reported.