Several of the major cities of the Indian subcontinent have been experiencing a rise in cases of dengue fever.

Indian subcontinent/CIA
Indian subcontinent/CIA

In Sri Lanka, the Colombo Municipal Council has reported an increase in the commercial capital city. CMC Dr. Ruwan Wijeymuni said dengue fever cases have reached 1,300, including two deaths.

Wijeymuni added that household inspections to detect mosquito breeding are expected to commence today.

In the Indian capital of Delhi, data provided by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi reveals a total of 11 cases of dengue have been reported from the city till May 30. The figure was five in 2014 till this month.

“The cases of dengue have started early this year. Due to sporadic rainfall and increase in temperature, people have started to complain about rashes, fever and joint pains. Also, there is increase in the visibility of mosquitoes, which makes one pre-dispose to dengue,” Dr Sanjeev Bagai, vice-chairman and director of Manipal hospital said.

In 2014, Delhi reported nearly 1,000 dengue cases.

In Pakistan, health officials in Karachi have reported 98 percent of the dengue cases reported in Sindh province. To date Karachi has seen 360 dengue cases with two dozen reported in just the past week.