By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

From June 7 to 13, 1,474 cases of dengue fever were confirmed. Although the epidemic continues to decline, the various indicators still indicate an intense circulation of the virus and remain largely higher than those observed in previous years at the same period. Despite the winter temperatures, all the municipalities continue to report cases and outbreaks of dengue still identified.

The situation is stabilizing in the West, which remains the most affected region. The proportion of cases remains high in the North.

24 municipalities are affected by the epidemic.

The West sector accounts for nearly 60% of the island’s cases (stable compared to the previous week). Saint-Paul remains the town where the virus circulates the most, followed by La Possession.

In the North, cases are increasing in Saint-Denis mainly, in Sainte-Marie and in Sainte-Suzanne.

In the South, the number of cases remains high in Saint-Joseph and Saint-Pierre.

In the east, the majority of cases are recorded in Saint-André and Saint-Benoît.

From the beginning of the year to date, 24,836 confirmed cases have been reported, including 14 deaths.