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A total of 1,700 cases of dengue are registered in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa and 21 of severe dengue, so the call is on the population to prevent cases from continuing to increase, according to a Proceso report this week.


The head of the Metropolitan Region of the Central District, Sonia Maribel Amaya Reyes, indicated that
environmental health technicians are carrying out operations to counteract the disease.

She pointed out that the child population is the most affected, so parents must do the corresponding cleaning in batteries and patios so that cases do not accumulate.

She added that they have had meetings with municipal representatives to take measures before
to declare an epidemic due to the disease.

Dr. Pablo Valerio indicated that it is expected that the cases will continue to increase due to the rains that have been registered, the cases are registered in minors and adults.