Last year was intense for dengue fever in many areas of Asia with the Philippines reporting more than 200,000 cases, Thailand reporting some 140,000 and Malaysia seeing in excess of 120,000.

Southeast Asia/Hariboneagle927
Southeast Asia/Hariboneagle927

In Malaysia in 2016 to date. health officials put the case count at 28,576 as of Mar. 7. This includes 62 dengue-related fatalities.

More than 14,000 cases are reported from Selangor State, while Johor State has seen more than 4,200 cases.

Thailand’s dengue case count has topped 10,000, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Epidemiology. As of Mar. 7, 10,787 cases and 3 deaths have been reported. Bangkok continues to see the highest incidence followed by Rayong and Samutsakorn.

In Singapore, where health officials have predicted a record year of 30,000 cases, has seen a slight drop in cases recently.

415 cases were reported in the week ending Mar. 5, a decrease in 97 cases from the previous week. The cumulative case count since the beginning of the year to Mar. 8 is 5,013.