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In a follow-up on the dengue outbreak in Bolivia, health officials reported an additional 296 cases, bringing to total to 11,076.

The death toll now stands at 33.


The department of Santa Cruz reports the highest number of infected with a total of 8,305, Beni 1,156 Tarija 869, La Paz 331, Pando 72, Chuquisaca 232 and Cochabamba 111.

As part of the battle against dengue, the national government strengthened the fight against dengue with the delivery of a team for Intensive Care, medicines and supplies for the timely care of minors affected with dengue who are admitted to the hospital. Children’s Hospital in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

In addition, the Ministry of Health and Sports made available a technical team so that the Government of that region unlocks its administrative procedures and uses the 17.9 million Bolivians it has in its coffers.

“We have delivered a team, in the same way they have coordinated with the Pharmacy to deliver preservative morphine, omeprasol, physiological solutions and we are also delivering supplies so that the Children’s Hospital can count on this strengthening,” said the Vice Minister of Health Insurance and Management of the Unified Health System, Alejandra Hidalgo, in contact with the journalists.

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Hidalgo reported that, furthermore, at the request of the Minister of Health and Sports, Jeyson Auza, a technical team was made available to the Government of Santa Cruz which, together with its authority, continues to wait for SEDES to deliver the document to facilitate the use of the 17.9 million Bolivians and that the fathers, the mothers who are with their children in that hospital no longer buy medicines.

“That money could be used for children who come to this hospital with dengue and until now they have not delivered that report, we as the Ministry of Health are waiting to work on the report, we can help them,” said the authority.

The vice minister added that these actions are added to the designation of items for pediatricians and internists that the Government made in the past few hours for that hospital, the qualification of beds, the mobile hospital that has already treated more than 4,000 people, among other tending to the protection of the life of the cruceños.

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