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The State Secretariat of Health of Minas Gerais has reported 484,779 confirmed and suspected dengue cases this year, including 153 deaths, according to a Otempo report (computer translated).


This “alarming” numbers prompted health officials to launch a campaign aimed at reinforcing the importance of eliminating outbreaks.

“This year was extremely tough compared to dengue. It was the second worst year, close to what happened in 2016. Maybe this year was the worst in number of hospitalizations and deaths. We need to reinvent ourselves to face Aedes. best weapon is to fight the focus”, Undersecretary of Health Surveillance Dario Brock Ramalho.

According to Health Secretary Carlos Eduardo Amaral, “This year $12 million has been transferred to cities to fight the disease. We plan to pass on some values ​​to support the municipalities. At the beginning for prevention, and later, in case of epidemics. At that time, we already transferred $ 12 million to the municipalities at the beginning of the year. , and should transfer another $ 10 million. This amount of $ 10 million will be for a general form, but already with the guidance of trying to give a stimulus to dengue. And we should spend another $ 12 million by the end of year.”