Five more autochthonous dengue fever cases are being reported by Hawaii health officials today, bringing the total cases to 117–103 are Hawaii Island residents and 14 are visitors.

As the outbreak grows, health officials are calling on the public’s help in battling the mosquito borne virus. Virginia Pressler, director of the state Department of Health is asking people throughout the state to remove standing water where mosquitoes breed and dump excess water out of potted plants or toys in the yard.

In addition to removing mosquito breeding areas, health officials are calling on people repair holes in their screens and keep doors closed to limit interactions with mosquitoes. Officials recommend wearing long-sleeved clothing and pants and using bug spray to prevent mosquito bites.

Although all the cases have been reported on Hawaii Island, authorities on Oahu, Kauai and Maui are taking preemptive measures to keep the mosquito situation under control.

One case of dengue fever was confirmed on Oahu earlier this month, but officials say it was not locally acquired and not connected to the outbreak.

Image/National Atlas of the United States
Image/National Atlas of the United States