By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

First it was cholera, then diphtheria, now it appears the latest infectious disease epidemic to hit war-stricken Yemen is dengue fever.

Image/syafrani_jambe via pixabay

In a recent Save the Children press release, the NGO warns of a dengue epidemic. This comes after more than 52,000 suspected cases have been recorded across the country, including 192 deaths, of which seventy-eight children under 16 have already died.

Cases have been recorded in almost all governorates in Yemen with the most affected being Hodeidah and Aden which recorded more than 60% of the deaths in the country.

Save the Children says heavy rainfall, coupled with the ongoing conflict, is disrupting clean water supplies. Because of the disruptions, people use water basins to collect rainwater and these uncovered water sources combined with the rain have contributed to the spread of mosquitoes in the affected areas, resulting in an upsurge in suspected dengue cases.

They continue by saying if measures are not urgently put in place to strengthen the health care system so that cases can be detected early, the death total which reached 192 people by the end of 2019, could increase sharply.