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Today, the Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Ministry and the National Dengue Control Unit has warned the public that there is an outbreak of dengue. To date, 65,583 dengue cases have been reported, including more than 80 fatalities.

Image/Robert Herriman

Colombo (14,033), Gampaha (10,766), Kalutara (6,109), Galle (5,571) and Kandy (5,403) RDHSs have reported the most cases.

The Health Ministry requests the public to take an NS1 test at a state hospital within two days of fever. The test helps to diagnose dengue fever accurately and quickly. Both NS1 test and Full Blood Count (FBC) can be done free at state hospitals. State hospitals have all the required facilities to perform the tests.

National Dengue Control Unit Director Dr. Anura Jayasekara said the most common dengue mosquito-breeding ground are found in factories, construction sites and religious institutions.

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