In the daily watch on the dengue fever outbreak on the Big Isle in Hawaii this fall, The Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) reported an additional 7 cases today, bringing the total to 72.

Fight the Bite/Hawaii Dept of Health (cropped)
Fight the Bite/Hawaii Dept of Health (cropped)

Of the confirmed cases, 62 are Hawaii residents and 10 are visitors. 53 cases have been adults; Nineteen have been children (<18 years of age). As of today, a total of 103 reported potential cases have been excluded based on test results and/or not meeting case criteria.

In an effort to “spread the word” about dengue , both to residents and visitors, health officials started the statewide public education campaign, “Fight the Bite” last week.

“The health and safety of our community and visitors is paramount, and the Department of Health is working collaboratively with all of our partners – including fellow state agencies, the Counties, healthcare providers, business leaders, nonprofit service providers and more – to address this important situation and end the spread of dengue fever in Hawaii as quickly as possible,” said Virginia Pressler, M.D., director of the Hawaii State Department of Health.

“In order to keep Hawaii safe and dengue-free, we are asking the community for their help in following the easy tips and suggestions shared through our campaign and joining us as together we Fight the Bite!”

When “Fight the Bite” was rolled out, Hawaii’s dengue tally was at 27.