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Paraguay health authorities report starting off 2020 with a major dengue fever outbreak this far into January.

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According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) through Epi week 2 of 2020, 6892 confirmed and probable cases have been reported.

This number is higher than numbers reported by the Ministry of Health (computer translated) , which puts the tally at 2,244 cumulative cases of Dengue (From October 13, 2019 to January 18, 2020)– 1,056 confirmed cases and 1,188 probable cases.

Officials say the dengue related death toll stands at 4 dead, from Mariano Roque Alonso (2) and Fernando de la Mora (1), from the Central Department; and from San Estanislao (1).

Central and Asuncion continue to lead the ranking of notifications and confirmed cases of Dengue at the country level, according to the most recent epidemiological data.

The dispersion of cases in the Central department is verified in 84.21% of the districts: in Areguá, Capiatá, Fernando de la Mora, Itá, Itauguá, Guarambaré, JA Saldívar, Lambaré, Limpio, Luque, Ñemby, San Antonio, San Lorenzo, Villa Elisa and Nueva Italia, which refer to the circulation of DEN-4, and in Mariano Roque Alonso, which refers to co-circulation of DEN-4 and DEN-2. 

In Capital, all neighborhoods record notifications of the virus, about 50% of these neighborhoods have confirmed cases. 

“Almost 100% of the neighborhoods of Asunción register notifications, of which the neighborhoods with the highest number of notifications are San Vicente, Barrio Obrero, Saxony,” said Dr. Guillermo Sequera, General Director of Health Surveillance.

Nationally, the circulating serotypes are DEN-2 and DEN-4, with a predominance of the latter.

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As I’ve said many times before, fame, fortune or political power does not make you immune to these infectious agents and this is shown once again with the President of Paraguay. Earlier this week, it was reported that 48-year-old Marito Abdo contracted the mosquito-borne disease.

The country’s Health Minister Julio Mazzoleni said, “The result of the blood test effectively confirms that the President has dengue”.

On Twitter, Abdo said (computer translated): Thank you for the messages of solidarity! I’m fine, thank God! Keeping rest. We must be aware that dengue can attack us all!

Let’s continue together with the elimination of hatcheries, protecting our families and providing better service in our Health Centers. Blessings!