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At the middle of May 2018, Philippines health officials reported 41,104 cases, including 220 deaths.

Aedes aegypti/CDC

During the same period this year, we see a significant increase in cases and fatalities. Officials report that as of 18 May 2019, the cumulative number of cases was 77,040 cases with 328 deaths.

In some provinces, local officials are taking action.

In Iloilo, where they have seen a dramatic increase in dengue, Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. has called for a meeting with all mayors and municipal health officers on June 10 to stem the rise in dengue deaths in the province.

A total of 2,441 dengue cases and 12 dengue deaths were recorded from January 1 to June 1 this year. This compares with 352 cases, with only one death in 2018.

Defensor said of the upcoming meeting: it will create a “high sense of urgency” among municipalities and will encourage local officials to double their efforts in fighting the disease.

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“This (dengue situation) should not be neglected,” Defensor said. Information on dengue prevention should be broadcast in local radio stations to remind the public of their contribution to the fight against dengue, the governor said.

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