Case count down

Aedes albopictus/FotoshopTofs
Aedes albopictus/FotoshopTofs

After reporting more than 200,000 dengue fever cases in each of the last two years, some great news is being reported by Philippine public health officials. During the first six months of 2017, officials report a total of 43,770 dengue cases nationwide. This number is 36.8 percent lower (25,527) compared to the same time period in 2016.

In addition, 250 deaths were reported. This is 84 fatalities less than the 334 deaths recorded in the same period last year.

All regions of the archipelago reported decreases in the mosquito borne viral disease except the National Capital Region.

Dengue testing at the mall

Last month, officials with Healthway Medical, a network of mall-based medical clinics and biotechnology firm Philab Industries, manufacturer of the LABit DX Dengue NS1 Ag test, partnered to provide dengue testing at Healthway Medical Clinics.

This partnership would enable Healthway to expand its businesses, to an early screening of dengue infection and advocate for a better understanding of the disease towards a proactive health and lifestyle.

LABit Dengue NS1 Ag device is an immuno-chromatographic assay used for the rapid detection of dengue virus NS1 antigen in human blood. Dengue-specific antibodies complexed with gold conjugate are placed in the conjugate pad in the test region, while anti-dengue NS1 antibodies are immobilized on the membrane. When a dengue antigen positive specimen is loaded into the sample injection point, the liquid sample migrates to the test region via lateral flow movement then antigen is captured by immobilized anti-dengue NS1 antibodies on the membrane. The antigen reacts with dengue-specific antibodies complexed with gold conjugate to make a visible band in the test line.

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