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Taiwan health officials reported two additional locally transmitted dengue fever cases in Tainan City on Wednesday.


The patients were a 40-year-old woman from Da Enli in the Southern District and a 60-year-old male in Annan District. Both individuals have no recent travel history.

The diagnosis of dengue virus type 2 was confirmed by Dengue NS1 fast screening test.

According to the Department of Disease Control, the case of the Southern District is mainly based on the home and work place (Dongtongli in the Eastern District). Its work place is similar to the case activity of the Datongli and the Central and Western District Kaishanli, which were diagnosed in the east, and the preliminary research on the geographical correlation. The case is more likely to be infected in Datong, Eastern District; the case activity area in Annan District is mainly home and work place (Central and Western District), and its work place is similar to that of Kaishanli in the Central and Western District.

With these two new cases, 46 locally transmitted dengue cases have been reported in Taiwan–38 in Kaohsiung City and eight in Tainan.