Sanofi Pasteur’s first on the market dengue fever vaccine, Dengvaxia, was first approved by the Philippines Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December, the first country in Asia to do so and the second behind Mexico globally.


On Thursday, the Sanofi Pasteur Country Manager Ching Santos said the vaccine was now available in the country, according to local Philippine media.

Santos noted the shipment arrived last week and said that interested patients may now ask their doctor whether they are qualified to be vaccinated by Dengvaxia.

Last month, Health Secretary Janette Garin said President Benigno Aquino III approved the provision of dengue vaccine to 1,077,623 9-year-old Filipino children who are currently enrolled in government schools in the hardest hit regions of the National Capital Region, Region III (Central Luzon), and Region IV-A (Calabarzon).

In 2015, the Philippines reported in excess of 200,000 dengue fever cases and nearly 600 deaths, one of the highest totals of the mosquito borne illness in Asia and worldwide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for development of a dengue vaccine as an essential part of the integrated dengue prevention effort needed to significantly lower the dengue burden globally. The WHO has called on endemic countries to reduce dengue mortality by 50% and morbidity by 25% by 2020.

Dengvaxia is the first vaccine licensed for the prevention of dengue in the world. First doses of the vaccine have been produced and full scale production capacity will be reaching 100 million vaccine doses annually.