By Teddy Cambosa

A recent salmonella outbreak in Denmark has been found to be linked with intake of an herbal product that has now affected 33 people, on which 19 of them have been hospitalized and 3 have died.

HUSK herbal medicines

According to the Statens Serum Institut (SSI), the country’s agency for preparedness against infectious diseases, the product in question was Psyllium seed HUSK herbal capsules.

Reports from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration state that they have recovered the product from the homes of two patients and were able to show that it contained salmonella. Several HUSK products were subsequently recalled.

“This is the first time that we have been able to identify an herbal medicine as the cause of a salmonella outbreak. I am therefore concerned that the salmonella infection will not be detected because the individuals or their doctor believe that the symptoms of the salmonella infection stem from their existing stomach problems,” said Luise Müller, an epidemiologist from the SSI.

Teddy Cambosa is a graduating BS Biology student and a former campus journalist at Batangas State University. He is also currently writing for MARKETECH APAC, a small APAC-focused marketing news site.

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