DJO Global, Inc., a leading global provider of medical device solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health and pain management, announced today that its subsidiary Encore Medical, L.P., dba DJO Surgical, has entered into an agreement with Zimmer Holdings Inc. to purchase the Biomet Cobalt TM Bone Cement, Optivac® Cement Mixing Accessories and Discovery® Elbow System for the U.S. marketplace.

“These product acquisitions are a part of a broader strategy to invest in our fast growing implant business,” said Mike Mogul, CEO of DJO Global. “We believe our surgical division is poised to continue its position as the fastest growing orthopedic implant company. I have always admired Cobalt Bone Cement’s color features which offer better visualization and much simpler packaging and the Discovery Elbow is extremely well-regarded.”

The Cobalt Bone Cement is a trusted and proven product with a substantial base of customers for hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and other orthopedic implant technologies.  Cobalt offers a complete range of viscosities as well as antibiotic solutions for enhanced performance and patient safety. The unique Softpac packaging technology creates a safer, glassless environment and the user friendly Optivac system provide the best in modern cementing techniques for Cobalt as well as other cement technologies.

The Discovery Elbow will be DJO’s first elbow technology and builds upon the Company’s successful upper extremity portfolio and shoulder arthroplasty experience. The Discovery Elbow has over twelve years of successful clinical outcomes and is used by numerous top orthopedic clinicians throughout the world.

“This acquisition is very timely for us based on our disruptive entrance into the revision market with our Exprt® Revision Knee launched at AAOS this year and the Discovery Elbow provides great breadth to our strong upper extremity portfolio,” said Brady Shirley, President of DJO Surgical. “With three major launches planned across the Knee, Hip and Shoulder segments in each of the next three years, we are excited about our continued opportunities for growth.”