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The Dominican Republic is one of several countries in the Americas experiencing an outbreak of dengue fever. The Ministry of Health reported more than 8,855 (suspected) cases through mid-August. 12 deaths have been reported.

Dominican Republic/CIA

This is an increase of 1,145 percent in reported cases compared to the same period in 2018 (711 cases). In fact, The number of dengue cases in 2019 to date has already surpassed the number of cases from the past five years combined.

The Dominican Medical College states that the caseload published by the government is incorrect and understated due to political sensitivities and economic aspects.

San Jose de Ocoa and Barahona, as well as Santo Domingo are the most affected provinces in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, but cases of dengue fever have been reported all over the country. All provinces remain under high alert.

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