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The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) reports that the cholera situation in Haiti, specifically in the community of Juana Méndez, near the border point of the province of Dajabón, is under control, according to information provided by the Pan American Organization of Health (PAHO) and the health authorities of the neighboring country, due to the fact that the positive cases do not exceed the expected levels and have maintained a stable epidemiological behavior for several weeks.

Dominican Republic/CIA

Currently in the Dominican Republic, specifically in Dajabón, there are no active cases of cholera. However, the Dominican authorities maintain epidemiological alert in the area and have activated all surveillance mechanisms in the event of any acute or infectious diarrheal disease.

It emphasizes that the collaboration and joint work of both communities have been essential to keep the situation under control, reinforcing preventive measures, such as the promotion of adequate personal hygiene, the consumption of drinking water and the proper handling of food, which contributes to prevent the spread of cholera.

The Ministry of Public Health, in coordination with the Haitian health authorities, continues to closely monitor the situation and provide technical and logistical support to guarantee attention to the appearance of any case and prevent the development of new outbreaks.

In addition, border control measures have been strengthened to prevent the entry of cholera from Haiti.

The Directorates of Epidemiology, Risk and Disaster Management, and Immunopreventable Diseases of the Vice Ministry of Collective Health reinforce epidemiological surveillance, in addition to applying chlorination to drinking water and cholera vaccination, as well as for other vaccine-preventable diseases.

Regarding the binational market, the organization of the commercial activity is maintained, with adequate hygiene management, counting on the good work of the authorities of the Specialized Corps for Land Border Security (CESFRONT), who implement a correct management of the migratory flow and a effective control of the entry of cooked and raw food.

The authorities urge the population to remain calm and follow the recommendations of the place, practicing good personal hygiene, drinking drinking water and maintaining proper food handling. It is also recommended to seek immediate medical attention in case of symptoms such as persistent diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration or fever.

Finally, Public Health will continue to report on the evolution of the situation, providing updated recommendations, and asks the population to go to the nearest health centers or contact the local health authorities if they have any questions or concerns, and reminds them that the health of our community depends on all of us.

Through June 7, Haitian health officials have reported more than 45,000 total suspected cholera cases, including more than 3,000 confirmed. In addition, 737 deaths have been recorded.