The Democratic Republic of Congo has approved the use of four experimental Ebola treatments to manage the ongoing outbreak in the east of the country.

DRC map
Democratic Republic of the Congo/CIA

At least 59 people have died, with 102 cases diagnosed since the outbreak was confirmed on August 1. Last week, the Ministry of Health approved the use of experimental monoclonal antibody treatment mAb114 on 10 patients in the Beni area.

The four newly-approved experimental Ebola treatments include ZMapp, remdesivir, favipiravir, and Regn 3450-3471-3479.

“The protocols for administering these molecules meet strict conditions related in particular to the condition of the patient, the ease of use of the treatment and the capacity of the medical team of the [ETC].

On August 21, 2018, the Remdesivir, produced by Gilead Sciences, was administered to a patient treated at [ETC] Beni, which is doing well. As a reminder, the mAb114 came into use on August 11, 2018. It was administered to 10 patients who are experiencing a positive evolution,” the ministry said.

By August 18, only 59% of contacts had been successfully followed up on, with none followed up in Mandima health zone due to insecurity. The North Kivu region is home to an estimated 130 armed rebel groups.