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A total of 329 new cases of the cholera epidemic including 11 deaths were recorded in two weeks in two health zones including Katuba and Kisanga, towns located west of the city of Lubumbashi in Haut-Katanga.

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Among the deaths, 7 were reported in homes in neighborhoods surrounding the two health zones and 4 occurred in the cholera treatment center (CTC), according to Joseph Nsambi Bulanda, provincial minister of health in Haut-Katanga.

He said that at the treatment center in Kenya where he visited, at least 16 patients are recovering while the others have already recovered.

“Of the 329 notified cases, there were 11 deaths including 7 community deaths and 4 intra CTC. Support is free as always. There is the government but also the support of Médecins Sans Frontières. We have just seen that there are 16 patients still recovering to date,” he said.

In the process, the provincial government of Haut-Katanga through the Ministry of Health calls on people to observe hygiene measures to avoid this disease of dirty hands.

“This is an opportunity to tell the population of Lubumbashi and especially the aforementioned health zones to observe the necessary hygiene measures to avoid falling ill. As you know, cholera is a disease of dirty hands and this is how we can avoid it by making our environment clean and everything we consume, so that people can boil water and food and that we can avoid eating food on the way, the origin of which we do not know. And once you have vomiting and diarrhea of ​​any kind, to go to the hospital first so that the health services can say whether it is cholera or not,” said desired Dr. Joseph Nsambi.