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In a follow-up on the meningitis outbreak in Tshopo Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), health officials now report 2,395 suspected meningitis cases, including 14 confirmed (Neisseria meningitidis serotype W) and 200 deaths (case fatality ratio = 8.4%), in Banalia health district, as of October 23.

DRC map
Democratic Republic of the Congo/CIA

The case fatality ratio has decreased significantly from 100% at the onset of the outbreak (week 20 ending 23 May 2021) to 8.4% at week 42 (ending 24 October 2021). This decrease would be a result of intensified community sensitization for early health seeking behavior by suspected cases and the improvement of case management practices.

Reactive vaccination campaign started on 9 October 2021 and a total of 153 052 people were vaccinated so far, giving a coverage of 104.1% of the targeted population in the entire Banalia health district. This vaccination coverage is not uniform for all health areas of the Banalia health district and ranges from 79.5% to 172.4%, due to the fact that the vaccination campaign did not start at the same date in all health areas.