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More than 70 cases of cholera were reported in the space of one week, from May 14 to 20, 2023, in the city of Bukavu (South Kivu).

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According to Doctor Claude Bahizire, communication officer at the Provincial Health Division (DPS), the Kadutu health zone is the most affected with 49 cases, followed by those of Bagira and Ibanda, respectively with 17 cases and 5 case.

“We have noticed that sick people abound in the health centres. It is the Kadutu health zone that has more cases in Bukavu. The province is really in the midst of a cholera epidemic,” he said in an address to the press on Saturday May 20.


According to him, the consumption of dirty water and the water shortage in Bukavu are at the root of this epidemic. He recommends the consumption of clean drinking water and the regular washing of hands with water and soap to fight against this declared epidemic in the region.

Cholera: More than 1.1 billion people are at risk, Southeastern Africa is particularly badly affected

According to the latest data, the Democratic Republic of the Congo reported more than 7200 suspected cases of cholera, including 47 deaths (CFR 0.6%) through March 19 this year.