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Here is some of the most current numbers from three important outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC):


DRC map
Democratic Republic of the Congo/CIA

Health authorities reported an additional 189 total monkeypox cases. including two deaths in the past two weeks, bringing the country total for 2021 to 3,087 cases with 83 deaths (CFR 2.7%) through December 26.

This is less than half the cases reported in 2020 when a total of 6,257 suspected cases including 229 deaths (CFR 3.7%) were reported in 133 health zones from 17 out of 26 provinces in the country.


Eight additional human plague cases were reported in the DRC since the last update two weeks prior. This year through December 26, 138 suspected pneumonic plague cases including 14 deaths (CFR: 10.1%) were reported in eight health zones in Ituri province.

In 2020, 461 suspected plague cases of which 31 deaths (CFR: 6.7%) were reported in eight health zones of Ituri.

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Poliomyelitis (cVDPV2)

The World Health Organization reports two additional circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) cases, bringing the total for 2021 to 19 confirmed.

The cases were reported from four provinces: (Sud Ubangi, Mongala, Nord Ubangi and Maniema). No deaths were reported.

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The total number of 2020 cases was 81.