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According to a email to ProMED Mail on July 31, officials with the Plague Surveillance and Control Center (CSLP), Bunia, DRC report 537 suspected plague cases in the health zone of Rethy, located in Djugu territory, Ituri province, DR Congo for the four month period of 27 Mar 2022 to 31 Jul 2022.


Seven deaths have been reported.

The most affected health area is Lokpa with 43.2% of cases.

The bubonic form remains dominant, with 533 cases (99.2%) and 4 pulmonary cases, 3 of which were notified only in July 2022. The high location of the buboes (axilla, cervical, sub-maxilla) in 59.3% of the patients points to contamination during sleep. The average age of the patients is 17 years. The most affected sex is female 54.6% against male 45.4%.

“With the return of the heavy rains, we fear that a more serious spread”, the author writes.