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Twenty-two of the 26 provinces that make up the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have reported human African trypanosomiasis in 2021. Last year, the country recorded 387 cases.

These statistics were released on 30 January 2022, on the occasion of the commemoration of the World Day of Neglected Tropical Diseases, including human African trypanosomiasis, also known as “sleeping sickness”. This commemoration also coincides with the anniversary of National Sleeping Sickness Day.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo reports nearly 85% of cases in Africa. According to the World Health Organization, 5.6 million people are at high risk of infection by this disease.

In view of these statistics, the elimination of this disease in the country remains a great challenge. But it is true that in recent years the progress has involved therapeutic advances, particularly the administration since January 2020 of fexinidazole, a new effective oral treatment, which acts in all stages of the illness.

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