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The Provincial Health Division (DPS) of Mai-Ndombe province in western Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) reported Saturday 3,239 cases of tuberculosis, including 65 deaths in 2020.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Image/CDC

Thirteen percent of the cases were reported in children.

This total is up from 2,126 cases in 2019.

Dr José Monama, coordinator of tuberculosis activities in Maï-Ndombe, said that the skyrocketing positive cases is also linked to the lack of financial means and appropriate tools for patient care.

“In our daily practice, we encounter a lot of difficulties, sometimes the lack of inputs to be able to ensure the care, screening and treatment of these patients. There are health centers that are closed because of this. the lack of a microscope, the patients go there, the diagnoses remain in the presumptive for lack of new tools which can allow us to better diagnose this tuberculosis which continues to kill us”, he regrets.