The last time we saw 30 or less Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) cases in the three West African countries with widespread transmission of the lethal virus was in May 2014.


In an updated report from the World Health Organization yesterday, between Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, only 30 cases were reported in the week to 5 April.

The bulk of the cases were reported from Guinea with 21 cases, while Sierra Leone had nine and Liberia reported no new cases.

The WHO says:

In the context of falling case incidence and a receding zone of transmission, treatment capacity exceeds demand in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Accordingly, and with technical guidance from WHO, national authorities in both countries have begun to implement plans for the phased safe decommissioning of surplus facilities.

There have been a total of 25,515 reported confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of EVD in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, with over 10,572 reported deaths.